customers celebrated Doge Day with their chance to grab a limited edition mintable Doge stick


Axe wanted to celebrate Doge Day, an annual event that celebrates the Doge meme, with a web 3 enabled experience that would enable customers to purchase a limited edition Axe Doge spray. The campaign aimed to appeal to a younger, tech-savvy audience by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, which aligned with the playful and innovative nature of the Doge meme.


The Axe Doge stick was marketed as a fragrance that embodied the fun and playful nature of the internet sensation, Doge. Customers were encouraged to participate in the campaign by purchasing their own limited edition Axe Doge spray, which came in a specially designed packaging featuring the iconic Doge meme. To buy the Axe Doge spray, customers had to visit Axe web 3 enabled marketplace that enabled them to purchase the product. In addition to buying the Axe Doge spray, customers were also able to mint a collectible as proof of purchase.

The collectible was a unique digital asset that was stored on the blockchain, making it tamper-proof and secure. Customers could hold on to their collectibles as a reminder of their purchase or trade them on digital marketplaces.